About Canadian Discovery Ltd.Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) provides innovative, client-driven E&P solutions since 1987. All products and services are delivered via three integrated divisions: Data, Intelligence and Expertise. For more about CDL, visit http://www.canadiandiscovery.com/uk.

About Exploration Geosciences (UK) Ltd.Exploration Geosciences (UK) Ltd. (EGUKL) is a UK group offering detailed studies of exploration areas and regular UK/Norway geotechnical publications. Technical content for the UK & Norway Discovery Digest is produced under contract by Beagle Geoscience. For more about EGUKL, visit http://www.expgeo.co.uk/.

About Our ProductsCanadian Discovery Ltd. and Exploration Geosciences (UK) Ltd. offer the United Kingdom Discovery Digest, Norway Discovery Digest and the whatmapLive! through a joint venture partnership. Coverage in the digests includes In-depth, illustrated technical reviews focused towards specific plays and regions, stratigraphic investigations and hot topics. Released and completed wells highlighting key discoveries and appraisals, and licensing rounds are also discussed. Access the digests' articles through direct links on the whatmapLive! as well as the most up-to-date well information, hydrocarbon shows and test data across the UKCS and NCS.

UK & Norway Discovery DigestSince 1999, the UK Discovery Digest publication has provided E&P professionals with essential illustrated geoscience analyses of drilling activity and exploration in the UKCS. Coverage was expanded to the NCS in 2006 to provide the same, reliable expertise in the Norway Discovery Digest. Each annual subscription includes e-delivery of continuous digital publications, access to the entire UK or Norway Discovery Digest online library and a biannual hardcopy book. The UK & Norway Discovery Digests are available separately or in a package. For more information on the UK and Norway Discovery Digests, view the brochure.

whatmapLive!Access the Digests articles, along with the most up-to-date well, hydrocarbon and test data, via the all new whatmapLive! Available separately or in a package, the whatmapLive! is your window to North Sea drilling activity and exploration results. The whatmapLive! is a user-friendly, web-based interface designed to provide a geological setting for your work with seamless coverage across the UKCS and NCS. For more information on whatmapLive!, view the brochure.

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