A Review of Licensing Awards in the NCS
11 May 2011

On 11 March 2011 the Ministry for Petroleum and Energy announced the awards for licences under the APA 2010 round. The bare facts read that 50 production licences were awarded to 39 licencees of which 22 were offered operatorship. The majority of the awards are in the North Sea (31), with 17 in the Norwegian Sea and 2 in the Barents Sea (Figures 1-3). From the operating stand point the main beneficiaries were Statoil (8) and Lundin and Wintershall with 6 licences each and Det Norske and Rocksource each with 3. From the licensee perspective the same companies were the high scorers with Statoil (11), Lundin and Wintershall (10), Det Norske (8) and Bayerngas (6).