Extending the Proven Atlantic Margin Play Northward
11 May 2011

Sandstones of Upper Cretaceous age are proving to be a significant new play along the eastern Atlantic margin. Recent successes offshore West Africa, such as the Jubilee Field along with other discoveries at Tweneboa, Teak, Enyenre etc (Ghana) prove the presence of reservoir quality channel and turbidite sandstones of Turonian and Campanian age. Gross reservoir thickness can exceed 120 m and the quality is demonstrated by the Mahogany 2 well which flowed oil and gas at 4,448 bopd (39° API) + 5.1 mmscfgpd from Turronian aged turbidites. The nearby Enyenra 2A well found two Campanian aged channels containing 21 m and 11 m of oil.