North Sea
17 August 2015

16 - Asha prospect contained a 70 m gross oil column in excellent reservoir quality Hugin and Skagerrak Formation sands. The two reservoirs separate pressure compartments. An ODT was seen in Hugin at 2,405 m (2,380 m TVDSS) and in Skagerrak at 2,454 m (2,429 m TVDSS). Three cores were cut and oil and water samples were taken in Hugin and Skagerrak.
Noor prospect had 90 m gross sandstone without shows. Heimdal Formation sands were absent.
16 A - The Hugin Formation was 117 m TVT containing a 30 m oil column with an OWC encountered at 2,593 m (2,465 m TVDSS). The Skagerrak oil column was not seen.