North Sea
17 August 2015

13 S - A 25 m gross oil column was encountered in the Intra-Draupne sandstone and into the
underlying Heather and Hugin formation sands. An ODT was identified at 1,949 m (1,969 m TVDSS). Core was cut and three oil samples taken.
13 A - The well encountered an OWC at 1,925 m TVDSS in the Intra-Draupne sandstone. Core was cut and oil water samples taken.
14 - The well proved a 30 m oil column in the Upper Jurassic reservoir with no OWC seen. The reservoir was of excellent quality. Oil samples were taken in the Intra Draupne Formation and core was cut. No reservoirs were found in either of the secondary targets. Oil shows were seen in Ekofisk Formation.
16 - An OWC was proved at 1,952 m just above the good quality Intra-Draupne sandstones.
A total of 15 m of sand was found in a gross 60 m Jurassic sequence. Oil shows were seen and oil and water samples were taken. Oil shows were seen and water samples taken from in
Hugin Formation.