North Sea
2 June 2016

In the Oseberg Sør area, exploration well 30/9-25 targeted the Cerberus prospect, on the southern edge of the north-south trending Omega (Ω) fault terrace. It is a downthrown fault block trap with an anticipated lateral seal against the basal Brent (Ness Formation sandstones and claystones) on the 'C' fault terrace and relatively minor throw against the 'R' fault block, to the south. Dip closure is to the north and west. The Heather and Tarbert primary targets were predominantly shaley with sandstone increasing towards the base of the formations. Both reservoir targets were deep to the OWC identified in 30/9-20 S at 2,765 m TVDSS. The Intra-Draupne Formation sandstone secondary objective was absent.