North Sea
2 June 2016

This exploration well was drilled on the Askja West and East prospects, two NNE-SSW trending, easterly dipping fault terraces developed below the base Cretaceous unconformity. The structural extent to the north and south was limited by NW-SE trending cross-faults with sealing across these faults required to hold commercial reserves. The main targets were the Intra-Heather Sandstone and the Tarbert sandstone, secondary targets were the Ness and Etive sandstones. In 30/11-9 S, on Askja West, the Heather sandstone was absent but the Tarbert contained a total of 90 m of gas bearing sandstones in two separate intervals with a gas-water contact at 3,468 m (3,370 m TVDSS). Well 30/11-9 A on Askja East proved a 40 m net oil column, also in two separate Tarbert sandstones. An oil-water contact was encountered at 3,636 m (3,250 m TVDSS) in the upper Tarbert sand and at 3,771 m 3,378 m TVDSS) in the lower Tarbert sand. The Ness was water bearing in 30/11-9 S and 9 A and TD was called before reaching the Etive.