Barents Sea
18 August 2016

7220/5-2: Nunatak prospect. Lower Cretaceous Knurr fan sandstones in pinch-out play. DHIs indicate possible communication with Skrugard Jurassic oil reservoirs. Hekkingen secondary target. Well encountered 105 m gross massive Knurr sandstone at 1,254 m, over thin bedded sandstones with gas column extending down to GWC at 1,372 m MD. Total 117 m net sand in Knurr (net/gross 0.89). Reservoir quality lower than anticipated. No sand development in Hekkingen. Discovery considered non-commercial due to poor reservoir quality and gas.

7220/7-2 S: Deviated well on Skavl prospect. Tilted fault block with Fruholmen objective below base Cretaceous unconformity. Tubåen secondary target. Tubåen, subcropping Kolmule claystones at 1,119 m, had gas over oil in two sands with GOC 1,150 m (1,120.5 m TVDSS) and OWC 1,177 m (1,143 m TVDSS). Deeper oil column in relatively low net/gross, poor quality Fruholmen from 1,210 m to OWC at 1,358 m, but with two or more separate oil columns indicated by pressure data. Discovery considered non-commercial.