Norwegian Sea
11 January 2017

Exploration well on the Pil prospect, with an appraisal sidetrack. Primary Rogn objective; a stratigraphic pinch-out with amplitude support and a flat event, was absent, but gas and oil was encountered in Intra-Melke sandstones from 3,252.5 m TVDSS with a gas-oil contact at 3,346 m TVDSS and an oil-water contact at 3,480 m TVDSS. Oil zone tested 1,017 Sm3opd (0.850 sg). Appraisal well evaluated down-dip extent of Intra-Melke accumulation to north-east and proved oil from 3,416 m TVDSS to an oil-water contact at3,498 m TVDSS; 18 m deep to the discovery well. Reservoirs were normally pressured.