Barents Sea
23 January 2017

Exploration wells on the Kramsnø (7220/4-1) and Drivis (7220/7-3 S) prospects. Both are tilted fault block structures subcropping the base Cretaceous unconformity on the Bjørnøyrenna Fault Complex, with flat spots representing hydrocarbon contacts in Stø, Nordmela and Tubåen reservoirs. Well 7220/4-1 encountered gas in the Stø/Nordmela from 2,236–2,369 m TVDSS (GWC) and the Snadd from 2,958–3,130 m TVDSS. Well 7220/7-3 S gas in the Stø from to 1,417–1,485 m TVDSS (GOC) and oil in the basal Stø and Nordmela to an oil-water contact at 1,573 m TVDSS. Possible breached oil column down to 1,766 m in the Tubåen.