Barents Sea
23 January 2017

Exploration well on the Apollo prospect, a shallow, low-relief faulted anticline with Stø, Nordmela, Tubåen and Fruholmen objectives prognosed below 900 m and anticipated oil-mature Kobbe and Snadd source rocks. The well encountered 17 m of massive, moderate quality Stø sandstones at 809 m TVDSS, unconformably overlying Fruholmen shales at 830 m with the Nordmela and Tubåen objectives absent. Stø was water-wet with no shows. Minor oil shows were seen in Snadd Formation siltstones and thin-bedded sandstones from 893–929 m. A porous, probable channel sand in the Snadd at 1,004–1,025 m MD corresponds to a high amplitude event.