Norwegian Sea
27 June 2017

The Ivory prospect, on the Nyk High is a tilted fault block with objectives in the Upper Cretaceous Nise Formation (Delfin 1 Sandstone), marked by a CSEM anomaly and the Kvitnos Formation (Delfin 2), defined by a strong flat event. Well was deviated to drill all objectives at an optimum location, with good quality water-wet sandstones in the Delfin 1 at 2,288 m (2,251 m TVDSS) and a 12 m gas column in the Delfin 2 at 3,318 m (3,117 m TVDSS). Lysing Sandstone at 4,321 m (3,906 m TVDSS) water-wet and of poor reservoir quality. Pre-drill gas reserve estimate (40 bn Sm3) reduced to 2–8 bn Sm3 post-well.