Barents Sea
20 July 2017

Alta discovery well. Dip-closure over crest the Loppa High, with Kobbe sandstones, over an unconformity, and subcropping Ørn carbonates below. Falk carbonates were a secondary target. Oil shows in thin upper Snadd sandstones. Kobbe sandstone objective was absent, but undated (early Triassic?) conglomerates (26 m gross) at 1,897–1,923 m had 11 m gas column over oil (gas-water contact 1,908.1 m/1,878.1 m TVDSS). Oil column extends down into subcropping Falk carbonates, with Ørn objective absent. Low matrix porosity, but good cavernous/karst porosity. Oil-water contact at 1,954 m (1,924 m TVDSS). Oil zones in Falk and conglomerate were tested.