North Sea
1 December 2017

Exploration well on the Romeo prospect. Rotliegend Sandstone objective on horst block structure with HPHT gas/condensate sourced from fault-offset Upper Jurassic, including possible leakage from King Lear discovery. Ula, Bryne and Skagerrak sandstones were secondary targets. Well encountered full column of light oil or rich condensate (0.6 g/cm3) in Ula and Bryne from 4,567–4,743 m over Zechstein carbonates and mudstones. Short oil column in Rotliegend from 4,830 m to oil-water contact at 4,857 m (4,802 m TVDSS). Good sand quality in all reservoirs. Oil samples were recovered from Bryne. Estimated oil reserves 0.7–2 mm Sm3.