North Sea
1 December 2017

Exploration well on Gina Krog Øst-3; salt-cored anticline with Hugin objective. Main hole proved 13 m oil column in Hugin at 3,435 m TVDSS and 3.6 m oil sand in Sleipner with oil down to. Oil samples recovered. Sidetrack 15/6-13 A drilled down-dip with water in massive 8 m Hugin Sandstone at 3,808 m (3,614 m TVDSS) and 37 m gross Sleipner. Possible hydrocarbons from logs in low permeability Skagerrak. Up-dip sidetrack 15/6-13 B drilled to evaluate possible gas cap. Hugin absent, with 9 m gross Sleipner at 3,660 m (3,347 m TVDSS) overlying Skagerrak at 3,670 m (3,356 m TVDSS); 44 m gas column down to gas-oil contact 3,710 m (3,391 m TVDSS). Gas and oil samples recovered.