North Sea
1 December 2017

Exploration well on the Gemini prospect; north-south trending pinch-out with dip to west. Middle/Upper Jurassic secondary target in possible low-relief four-way dip-closure. Ty Sandstone at 2,116 m (2,086 m TVDSS) was 30 m gross with average porosity 26.7%, net/gross 0.984 but no shows/saturation. Ty directly overlay thick, good quality Upper Jurassic Intra-Draupne sandstones at 2,150 m (2,120 m TVDSS) and moderate quality Intra-Heather Sandstone at 2,223 m (2,193 m TVDSS). No shows in either, with low pressures indicating depletion. Failure of Ty objective may be due to lack of base seal over Upper Jurassic sandstones.