North Sea
22 February 2018

Deviated exploration well on the Crossbill prospect. Sognefjord/Fensfjord (primary), Intra-Draupne (secondary) objectives on low-relief dip-closure at Volgian unconformity within Jurassic depo-axis of Uer Terrace with closure over NNE trending horst. Encountered 10 m gross Kimmeridgian sandstone at 2,868 m and thin, tight sandstone or limestone in Sognefjord equivalent (3,007–3,019 m). Fensfjord Formation at 3,100 m was 95 m gross with 35 m of net sandstone and Krossfjord at 3,230 m was 59 m gross with 32 m of net sand. No shows or saturation from logs. Water samples recovered.