North Sea
22 February 2018

25/10-13 S
Exploration well, deviated to NE, with dual objectives in Ty Sandstone (Hayfrue prospect) pinch-out and Intra-Draupne sandstones (Fomle prospect) on low-relief roll-over. Ty objective at 2,362 m (2,218 m TVDSS) 38 m of high net/gross water-wet sandstone. Statfjord Group sandstones subcropped Tryggvason chalk at 2,475 m (2,318 m TVDSS) with Draupne objective absent. No shows in Lower Jurassic/Triassic sandstones to TD.

25/10-14 S
Exploration well, deviated to WSW to test Ty Sandstone pinch-out play (Hayfrue prospect) and Statfjord sandstones on Fomle prospect roll-over structure at structurally high location to water-wet sands encountered at both horizons by 25/10-13 S. Ty Sandstone 60 m gross at 2,222–2,282 m
(2,095–2,155 m TVDSS); 123 m high to 25/10-13 S, was water-wet. Statfjord subcrops Ekofisk at 2,341 m (2,214 m TVDSS); 69 m gross, with no shows/saturation.