North Sea
26 February 2018

Exploration well on the Morkel prospect; down-thrown fault terrace on east flank of NNE trendingMakrell Horst. Intra-Draupne/Brent primary, Statfjord/Lunde secondary objectives. Dip-closure to east and requiring up-dip fault seal against Triassic. Residual shows in Upper Cretaceous. Jurassic objectives absent with Lunde subcropping Mime at 2,946 m. Water sample at top Lunde, but full oil column proved from logs in Lunde down to top Alke at 3,113 m (3,082 m TVDSS), but with poor permeability and low net/gross (12 m net pay). Light oil samples recovered. Well flowed 20 Sm3opd + 4,500 Sm3gpd (maximum 68 Sm3opd).