North Sea
24 May 2018

Tarvos (Iapetus Øst) prospect; tilted fault block on SE flank of Visund Ridge. Jurassic deeply eroded below BCU; Lomvi primary and Lunde/Statfjord/Brent secondary targets. Lunde subcrops Cretaceous at 3,116 m (3,077 m TVDSS) with 85 m gross oil and gas/condensate column to oil-water contact at 3,203 m (3,161 m TVDSS). Includes 40 m moderate to good reservoir with 61 m net pay. Deeper Triassic sands in Lunde, high net/gross Lomvi at 3,437–3,610 m (3,385–3,551 m TVDSS) and Teist water-wet.