North Sea
11 June 2018

Vertical exploration well on tilted fault block structure on NE flank of South Utsira High. Joint objective in Intra-Draupne (Volgian) sandstone on low relief dip-closure (Gasol prospect) and pre-Triassic fault block with Rotliegend sandstone objective (Gretel prospect). Well encountered 7.5 m net good quality sandstone in Intra-Draupne below 1,959 m TVDSS and interbedded sands and shales in Statfjord (1,980 m TVDSS) and Hegre (2,122 m TVDSS). No shows or saturation from logs. Tight Rotliegend conglomerates below angular unconformity at 2,204 m TVDSS with top granite basement at 2,547 m TVDSS.