North Sea
11 June 2018

Julius HPHT exploration well with Ula/Bryne primary objectives and appraisal target in Intra-Farsund sandstone (King Lear reservoir) on NW–SE trending tilted fault block with crestal erosion below BCU. Well proved gas/condensate in Intra-Farsund at 4,845–4,866 m TVDSS (5.8 m net pay, porosity 22.4%) and in upper part of Ula at 5,056 m TVDSS, with 41.8 m gross column, 17 m net pay and porosity of 20.3%. Gas kick taken in Ula following sensor failure. Lower part of Ula, Bryne and Skagerrak (tertiary objective) were of poor quality and water-wet.