North Sea
20 June 2018

Syrah prospect exploration on Middle/Upper Jurassic horst block. Hydrocarbons in thin Intra-Heather sandstones 3,173 m TVDSS, oil in Tarbert/Ness 3,451–3,491 m TVDSS (oil down to), separate 3 m oil column in Oseberg 3,611–3,614 m TVDSS (oil-water contact). Appraisal sidetrack deviated south. Proved gas/condensate in Kimmeridgian Heather sand 3,228–3,257 m (3,105-3,133 m TVDSS) and oil in Oxfordian sand 3,303–3,316 m (3,176–3,189 m TVDSS). Stacked oil pay (pressure data) in Brent from 3,540 m (3,404 m TVDSS) to oil-water contact in Oseberg at 3,743 m (3,601 m TVDSS). Oil in Cook at 3,808 m (3,665 m TVDSS). Well tested 41.5–43.4° API oil from Cook and Oseberg.