North Sea
12 July 2018

Appraisal well targeting Middle/Upper Triassic Skagerrak in Luno II North structural embayment. Well, deviated slightly to SE, encountered 374 m TVT Skagerrak below condensed Cretaceous, from 1,984 m (1,931 m TVDSS) to TD at 2,358 m (2,305 m TVDSS), with homogeneous sandstones over conglomerates. Proved 25 m oil column to oil-water contact at 2,009 m (1,956 m TVDSS) and 18 m moderate quality pay. Residual shows in core to 2,053 m. Average porosity 14.9%. MDT recovered mixed fresh light and biodegraded oil. Tested stable 136 Sm3opd + 23,400 Sm3gpd with a GOR 172 Sm3/Sm3.