North Sea
10 January 2019

Appraisal wells to determine reserves on southern flank of West Cable oil discovery. Main hole kicked off from 13 3/8" casing point on 16/1-D-9 development well. The 16/1-26 S well encountered two Intra-Draupne sandstones at 4,726.2–4,773 m (2,655.4–2,673 m TVDSS), with gas in the upper and oil in the lower sand. Skagerrak sandstones at 4,896 m (2,730 m TVDSS) subcropped the Heather, with the Sleipner objective absent. Sidetrack 16/1-26 A encountered Sleipner at 4,710 m (2,901 m TVDSS), with sands water-wet with no shows 39 m high to Sleipner FWL in 16/1-7 discovery well. Neither well was tested.