Licensing Awards in the NCS
29 January 2019

In February 2018 the authorities awarded licences from the APA 2017 Round. A total of 8 were awarded in the Barents Sea of which 2 were additions to previous licences (Figure 1). No firm wells were committed. In June 2018 the authorities awarded licences in the 24th Licensing Round. A total of 9 were awarded of which 1 was an addition to previous licences (Figure 2). Only 1 (PL 960) has a firm well commitment, although a firm well is included in the additional licence PL 852C. This article addresses the potential prospects in the new PLs but not the additions to previous PLs. It should be noted the name Equinor is used here although the company was still Statoil at the time of the APA 2017 awards. The big winner in terms of "access to acreage" was Aker BP with interests in 10 licences. On the location maps APA round licences are shown in purple while 24th Round licences are in red.