North Sea
11 February 2019

Vertical exploration on Brasse, a low-relief tilted fault block with Fensfjord Sandstone primary and Lower/Middle Jurassic secondary/tertiary objectives. Hydrocarbons in fine-grained micaceous sandstones and siltstones of Sognefjord Formation at 2,130 m TVDSS with gas-water contact at 2,148 m and oil-water contact at 2,172.4 m TVDSS, with 28.76 m net pay. Oil and gas samples recovered. Fensfjord mainly in siltstone facies and water-wet. Deeper sand objectives also wet. Appraisal sidetrack 31/7-1 A deviated down-dip to SE. Top Sognefjord at 2,143 m TVDSS with higher net/gross reservoir, but mainly in aquifer. Gas-oil contact and oil-water contact equivalent to main hole, with 12.3 m net pay. Oil sample recovered.