North Sea
13 February 2019

Exploration wells in Fensal Sub-basin, drilled to evaluate six separate fault compartments along a NNE-SSW trending heavily faulted Middle Jurassic ridge, plunging to the south. Middle and Upper Tarbert Formation primary and Ness secondary objectives. Tarbert was encountered at depths ranging from 2,929–3,401 m TVDSS, with significant oil proven in the Upper Tarbert by wells 30/11-11 S (Madame Felle) and 30/11-12 S (Askja SE) and Middle Tarbert in 30/11-14 B, with stacked, generally short gas columns in the Upper and Middle Tarbert in wells 30/11-13 (Beerenberg), 30/11-14 (Slemmestad) and 30/11-14 B (Haraldsplass). The 30/11-11 A well (Viti) and 30/11-12 A down-dip appraisal in Askja SW were dry. None of the wells was tested, but wireline oil and gas samples were recovered from all main reservoirs.