North Sea
20 February 2019

Deviated exploration wells with Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian) Heather Sandstone Member objectives on flank of Vega Nord horst. Vikafjell Nord prospect a down-thrown fault terrace drilled by 35/8-6 S, with tight Heather sandstones at 3,513-3,577 m TVDSS, with no shows or saturation. Robbins prospect a down-flank extension of oil-bearing sands seen in 35/8-1 and Vega Nord production wells drilled by 35/8-6 A. This well encountered Heather sandstone at 3,293-3,366 m TVDSS, with 7 m oil column to FWL at 3,330 m TVDSS. Core showed strong residual oil saturations throughout water zone. Oil and water samples recovered.