North Sea
2 April 2019

Lower/Middle Jurassic roll-over anticline down-thrown from western bounding fault of Lomre Terrace. Kimmeridgian (Antares) and Oxfordian (Orion) objectives in Intra-Heather mass-flow sands with conformable amplitude support. Main hole junked and re-spudded as 35/11-20 S after attempting to run 30" casing. Encountered 7 m oil column in poor quality Oxfordian Sognefjord equivalent from 3,362 m to approximate oil-water contact at 3,370 m (3,234–3,241 m TVDSS). Total gross reservoir 63 m TVT with net/gross 0.48 and porosity 17.5%. Oil and water samples recovered. Well sidetracked south and up-dip to appraise Orion discovery and test Brent and Cook in deeper fault block play (Beaujolais).