North Sea
25 September 2019

Exploration well on Cara prospect. Agat Sandstone pinch-out within mounded channel; feeder to main fan (located to NW) with conformable amplitude support. Sand down-flank in well 36/7-3 with possible 4 m oil leg at top. Well encountered 126 m gross sand at 2,428 m (2,404 TVDSS) with 51.7 m gas and 65.2 m oil column and oil down to 2,544.4 m (2,520.4 m TVDSS). Good quality reservoir with of 25–30% porosity and 1–3 Darcy permeability in upper part. MDT oil and gas samples recovered. Gas cap tested 1.24 mm Sm3 gas and 45.2° API condensate. Post-well discovery re-named Duva.