North Sea
27 September 2019

Exploration well and sidetracks to test Hugin and Sleipner on separate fault compartments on Langfjellet Main fault block structure. Main hole proved full oil column in Hugin; doubled by 25/2-18 ST2 to core and log. Oil in Hugin 3,369–3,499 m TVDSS (oil down to); two separate columns from pressure data. Sidetrack 25/2-18 A deviated SE to crest to run DST. Two oil sands in upper Hugin 3,306–3,375 m TVDSS (oil down to) in separate pressure regimes and tested separately, over water-wet sands in lower Hugin. Well 25/2-18 B deviated NNE to separate compartment; Hugin water-wet at 3,402 m TVDSS. Well 25/2-18 C deviated NW to downthrown fault block. Full oil column in Hugin 3,508–3,644 m TVDSS (oil down to), with three separate columns from pressure data.