North Sea
23 October 2019

Sidetrack 35/11-20 A had exploration target in down faulted Brent (Beaujolais prospect) and appraisal target on 35/11-20 S Oxfordian Orion discovery. Well encountered 26 m gross Oxfordian sandstone with oil from 3,203 m TVDSS to oil-water contact at 3,210 m TVDSS; 31 m high to contact in 35/11-20 S. Well abandoned with MDT tool in hole. Sidetrack 35/11-20 B encountered 8 m oil column, with higher apparent contact in Orion sand, (possible long transition zone in poor reservoir). Full 10 m oil column in Tarbert at 3,585 m TVDSS with MDT oil sample recovered. Oil shows in Ness, Etive and Oseberg and deeper Cook sandstones.