Norwegian Sea
24 October 2019

Sub-vertical exploration well (6407/7-9 S) and deviated exploration sidetrack (6407/7-9 A) to evaluate Ile and Tilje reservoirs on two fault blocks, NF-2 and NF-3 respectively, on down-thrown NW flank of Njord Field. Ile oil-bearing in main hole with 104 m column 3,586–3,690 m TVDSS (oil-water contact); 43.6 m net pay, porosity 15.3%. Gas/condensate in Tilje 3,823–4,009 m TVDSS (GDT). Sidetrack deviated east with residual hydrocarbons only in Ile and gas/condensate in Tilje and Åre from 3,737–4,068 m TVDSS (GDT). All reservoirs encountered were poor to moderate quality. Oil and gas samples recovered from all main reservoirs.