Barents Sea
24 October 2019

Re-entry of suspended exploration well 7220/6-2 on the Neiden prospect, a combination structural/subconformity pinch-out trap with Ørn carbonates as the primary objective and Intra-Snadd sands secondary. Main hole proved Snadd water-wet with minor shows and was suspended following repeated losses and excessive down-time. Well 7220/6-2 R proved gas over oil in Ørn from 1,035 m to oil-water contact at 1,066 m TVDSS, with residual shows down to top basement (1,245 m TVDSS). Total 23 m net pay with average pay porosity 16.4%. Oil-water contact high to prognosis resulted in significant reserves down-grade to 7.9–9.5 mm Sm3.