Barents Sea
15 January 2020

Main hole drilled as vertical exploration well on Filicudi prospect, a combination structural/subconformitytrap with Nordmela and Tubåen objectives and amplitude support. Main hole encountered Tubåen subcropping thin Upper Jurassic at 1,478 m TVDSS with 65.5 m gas column over 61.5 m oil column in good quality reservoir and 78 m total net pay. Appraisal sidetrack 7219/12-1 A deviated ESE to separate culmination, with 44 m TVT gross Nordmela below unconformity at 1,491 m TVDSS and 149 m TVT Tubåen at 1,535 m TVDSS. Well proved 52.5 m TVT gas and 61.5 m oil column, with gas-oil contact 1,543.5 m TVDSS and oil-water contact 1,599.5–1,605 m TVDSS. A 16.5–16.0° API oil sample was recovered.